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Author Benoni Gaud - Sexual Assault Advocate
La Nina Adentro Del Closet
Price: $14.95
The Little Girl Inside The Closet
Price: $14.95
The Litle Girl Inside The Closet & La Nina Adentro Del Closet are the same stories. They are available in Spanish & in English. This story captures the life of Benoni Gaud from her childhood in Puerto Rico all the way through her life today. This book will capture your heart as Benoni shares the stories of her sexually-abusive childhood, along with so many other issues that she had to deal with and overcome throughout her lifetime. Depression, health scares and other illnesses, motherhood, Love, Christianity and of course her heartache and pains. This book is honest and was written to help anyone overcome the same issues that Benoni had to overcome. You will find The Little Girl Inside The Closet and La Nina Adentro Del Closet relatable in just about every way. Get Your Copy Today!
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